Ambulance Simulator: Be a Rescue driver in City Rush and Deliver Patients to Hospital


This Ambulance Simulation Game is all about Rescue Missions, Be a Hero!
You love to play driving simulation games in the city of gangsters. Ambulance Emergency is a 3D simulator game in the city of gangsters , You are assigned on a task to rescue the citizens and bring patients to hospital. As a hero of the city and skilled as one of the best rescue driver of the country, you are now determined to prove yourself. Perform almost impossible rescue missions, and save patients.
You have to drive ambulance in the city in rush hours, you have to drive fast but keep in mind you have to make it happen without crashing with pedestrians,vehicles and government property. With impossible challenges on the way, you have to come out as a hero of City. You have the responsibility to rescue the citizens in emergency cases. You have to balance your speed to avoid crashing with cars and school bus dropping the kids. Go ahead and enjoy one of the best simulations Game on the App store. This is not just a driving simulation but you have to come out as a hero and help the citizens of City.

3 Seasons of Ambulance Emergency Rescue:
Domestic Cases: 1st you have assigned domestic cases in City to bring patients to hospital, As soon as you progress you will be promoted straight to City Hospitals.
Road Accidents: After promoted to extreme cases of road accidents, you have to be on time and be very quick and drive your ambulance to rescue the citizens of City.
Emergency Cases: After you have been promoted to highest level of Excellency, you will handle cases of police and army clashes with criminals and terrorists, Be very careful, and be a hero! Don’t be afraid, Impossible missions only seems impossible, do your best! And be on time to reach the hospital!
Game Features Ambulance Simulator:
- Smooth Controls and easy to play.
- 3 Seasons, with Multiple Missions within each level.
- Virtual 3D rendered HD Graphics of a City
- Awesome Animation that will feel like you're actually there.
How to Play!
- Use the Steering on the left of the screen to Control your ambulance.
- Use Forward, Reverse and Brake buttons on right to move your vehicle.
- Use Siren in Rush hours to get some space.
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