Ocean Megalodon Monster Attack Simulator Full


Live a life of a fantastic prehistoric underwater predator – Mosasaurus! Since the Jurassic times these monstrous dino creatures are exploring the ocean water! Feel the ancient fury and have fun playing Ocean Megalodon Monster Attack Simulator!
Dip into the adventurous life of giant Mosasaurus! Hunt fish and crabs, fight every shark you can see, mate with other long-extinct predators, raise up nestlings and enjoy! Live the whole life of a single animal – from the small weak and helpless whelp through mature beast to the ghost of the old wise Megalodon! Customize your super shark choosing gender, name and color and become the most dangerous and wild animal ever!
Mate with other Mosasauruses, create a nest to raise up your little descendants! Guard your family from cruel predators and survive – this is your real mission for today! Don’t forget to mind your hunger and health indicators – if one of them drops, you’ll find yourself dead! Power-up your Megalodon’s skills to make your underwater life really safe and protect your pack! Enjoy the prehistoric universe and have fun playing Ocean Megalodon Monster Attack Simulator!
Become one of the most dangerous prehistoric underwater creatures! Open the world of Jurassic monsters and start your own pack of carnivorous dinos! Discover interesting species from those times like Mosasaurus, Plotosaurus, Dallasaurus, Goronyosaurus and Hainosaurus!
Ocean Megalodon Monster Attack Simulator features:
• Realistic underwater dino simulator
• Wonderful surroundings of the ocean
• Chance to mate and raise descendants
• Full customization of your Megalodon
• Addictive gameplay with simple controls
• Fantastic 3D graphics
Feel like a real ancient dino beast! Unleash your fury, explore the ocean, fight, hunt and have fun playing Ocean Megalodon Monster Attack Simulator!
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