Coloring book for litle baby HD


After an active day, the child just need to rest and relax. And the coloring can help even the most mischievous toddler to calm down and plunge into the world of fantasy.

This game is perfect for children ages 4-8 years Coloring funny characters collected in this game will help your child to learn to concentrate and improve attention. Drawing stimulates your child's creativity, it would allow him to use his imagination to come up with different stories, scenarios and create their own art.

Coloring will help handle your child to do the movements clearly and correctly.

- Pre-prepared coloring, that does not prevent to draw anything!
- Easy gameplay, perfect for kids! For boys and girls which love to paint!
- No need Internet connection to play!
- You can always return to the unfinished drawing and finish it!
- Save all your pictures in the gallery or share them with your friends!
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