Dinosaur Transport Truck 2016: PRO Edition


Are you tired of cargo truck? Do you want to try something other than transporter plane? How about a helicopter flight transporter combined with a jurassic beast truck transport and a dino simulator? Do you want to try out a new type of Transportation Game? If you are a fan of Jurassic Dinosaur Games and Dinosaur Hunting, maybe you should try this Grand Road Trucker Transport so that you can take the Gaint 3D Dinosaur from the zoo to the city. Forget about dino hunting, its time to take it to a whole new level! We decided to take it a step further this time by combining a jurassic dino game, specifically a dinosaur simulator game with big helicopter simulator and big truck offroad driving adventure! Get ready for the best form of entertainment, Dinosaur Transport 3D! And enough with the zoo animal truck transport and farm animal transport!
Story Line:
Your job is to take the jurassic beast, known better as the velociraptor, to the city zoo from the theme park and all the way back! In other words, be ready to a guardian of the prehistoric beast, tame it and be a dino transport legend.

You have trained the velociraptor and you direct it into the euro truck transporter. It is time to become a dinosaur transporter tycoon and take your job to the next level. Enjoy an offroad driving adventure while transporting the gaint prehistoric beast! In this mission, you become the gaint 3D dinosaur raptor and enjoy the velociraptor & trucking simulator in the jurassic life. In the next mission, once the dino is in the trailer, you go trucking and become an offroad truck driver. Your job is to take the velociraptor to the helipad where the big helicopter transporter will carry the trailer to the city zoo and do trucker parking there. Then you embark on a big helicopter flight adventure and carry the raptor dinosaur to the city.

Hell breaks loose in the city when the raptor escapes! The velociraptor is a carnviores beast and its your job to stop the dinosaur city attack! Be brave and catch all the raptors before they hurt anyone in their dino attack city to save the Jurassic island! Gear up for the greatest dino transport adventure!

After you capture all the gaint 3D dinosaur and stop their Jurassic escape and dino city rampage plan, your job is to take them again to the zoo so that kids can see them. Remember, this is not a pet delivery or wild animal transport game, in this title you are transporting deadly carnviores dinosaur beast on the offroad track, be so on your guard as you enjoy the euro truck driving and be a real trucker.

Game Features:
- 3 in 1 Simulation Experience
- Deadly Dinosaur Transporter Trucking Simulation
- Big Truck Transporter Driving Simulator
- Offroading Simulator and City Driving Missions
- Cargo Helicopter Transporter Simulator
- Jaw-Opening Realistic HD 3D Jurassic Environment
- Mind Blowing Sound Effects
- Versatile and Fun Packed Story Line
- Realistic 3D Models including the Jurassic Rex and Raptor
- Mind Blowing Models of Grand Truck and Cargo Helicopter

This is not an offical Jurassic Park Game
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