Heroes of Melee Fighting: Underground


Become the true legend of Hand-to-Hand combat !
Build the most awesome fighting team !
Control the city's underground !

Greetings, Fighter!

Welcome to "Heroes of Melee Fighting: Underground".
In this game, you build your fighting pack to fight with other factions to gain the control of the city's underworld. You need to earn money and city influences to recruit fighters to fight for you!

Go to the recruiting panel to check all fighters. Each fighter has unique fighting style and different stats. Fighters will level up as their gain XP. Higher their ranks, better they fight in the field.

As the leader of your faction, you controls the Team Leader during the fights. You can give your men orders to fight as a team.

You can change the game graphics/audios/inputs in the game "Settings" panel.

Let's Fight !!

One of the biggest focus in this game is its super graphics, we work hard to bring the best 3D graphics possible for current mobile devices. Furthermore, the player has the power to enable and disable graphic features as he/her likes. We hope through this degree of freedom of control, each player can have the best balance between gaming performance and visual fidelity !
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