Monster Shark Attach: Flying Car Survival


Fasten your seat belts, load your guns and ready fly and shoot some angry sharks! Drive fast down on beach city, fly high like a fighter plane and shoot down the attaching sharks. Run into the fun with the flying cars with weapons. Fly high in the sky above the sea, monster sharks on the hunt for you and fly between the rings, What if you can enjoy both at the same time? Your wait is over and now gets straight into the action that is the Monster Shark Attach: Flying Car Survival!
This flying car shark monster attack adventure is a unique game where you can enjoy the high speed sports car race, real action with the flying cars, shoot and hunt the attacking sharks, dodge the sharks, fly through the rings and perform flying car stunts.
Get ready to show some extreme stunts to fly the car race in the newest combination of flying car games with animal hunt in the future. Get behind the steering wheel of a highly modified racing car. Perform amazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around the sea or off road. Activate airplane flight mode and watch the wings transform from the car that turns your fast racing car into a unique flying car!! In an instance you went from a top car driving expert to a professional airplane pilot with fighter jet weapons! The idea is to give you variety of flying & shooting experiences to make you enjoy a five-star addition into transformer car games category. Our aim is to highlight the intricacy of combat shooting in flying car games while also making it one of the finest available car battle games out there. Obviously! You haven’t surely seen multiple vehicles in such a setting in classic flying games! Take down the enemy hunter sharks with grand car fight just like in futuristic flying robot battle game.
In this Monster Shark Attach: Flying Car Survival rousing and exciting flying car simulator, use your best strategy to complete multiple flying car simulator missions. In one of the most progressive flying car racing games, fly your car like a plane and feel like a professional aircraft flight pilot. Amaze precarious contributors and never let your car to last position into the flying car games! Enjoy flying sports car racing game in racing situation with the thrilling effects and enjoy the race into the city in this amazing Monster Shark Attach: Flying Car Survival.

-Realistic HD Graphics
-Real life racing car modified for flight capability
-Shoot and Kill Monster Attacking Sharks
-Vast immersive sea world environment
-Fun, realistic, and easy driving controls
-Interact with flying car AI traffic!
-Dynamic camera angles
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リリース日 不明 (【スマホ】iPhone(アプリ)版)
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運営会社 Syed Raza
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