Learn Italian Words and Pronunciation


This app is a great educational software that helps you understand and pronounce Italian words in the shortest possible time. Excellent app for all who makes the first steps in learning Italian.

Learn new words quickly and easily! Perfect app for kids, teachers, students, adults, travellers and for anyone who is interested in studying foreign languages.

The learning process consists of four modes .

The first mode is used to memorize new words. Each card includes a picture and button with the pronunciation of the word.

The second and the third modes are used for checking the acquired material. Include the translation from English to Italian and on the contrary.

In the fourth mode you need to define the word according to its pronunciation.

Includes topics:

1) Animals and birds
2) Job
3) Food & Beverage
4) Sport and Fitness
5) Travel
6) School and Education
7) New Year
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