VR Real Racing Season 1 : Pro Driving Game


VR Real Crazy Race in wait for your diving !!!!! VR Real car race is the best car arcade simulator Endless game.
Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator?
Now you can drive, drift, race and feel a racing sports car.
vr crazy car traffic racing is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade simulator racing games.
Drive more your car through city and desert highway to earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones.
Enjoy the cutting edge 3D graphics with realistically created environments and amazingly detailed cars.
Try to be the fastest drivers.
Pick your favorite car and join the ultimate challenge!
Now it's time to hit the roads with the most beautiful and stunning cars.

** VR Game play.
** Stunning Eye looking 3D environment.
** Smooth and realistic car handling.
** Heavy sports cars to choose from (new sports cars on the way).
** Detailed environments: subway, desert, snowy and city.
** Challenging game mode,
** Rich types of traffic including trucks, buses, cars, jeeps and SUV s.
** Real car sounds recorded from real cars

** Choose your desired vehicle.
** Wear your VR Glasses.
** Swipe Your Head to turn, accelerate and break

vr crazy car traffic racing will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.
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