Digger Construction Simulation World


Be professional driver.

Game Features :

**A variety of high-powered and realistically modelled professional vehicles i.e. excavator, dump truck, bulldozer, wheel,

**A range of scenarios in and around a vibrant city, including a gravel pit, suburb, road construction site, industrial area

***Diverse bucket attachments and ground types provide greater variety

***Customisation - Choose your company name and the colour of your machines

Vehicles :

Mining Truck
Dumper Truck
Motor Grader 1
Asphalt Paver
Concrete Mixer
Water Tank
Front Loader
ジャンル アクション /
リリース日 不明 (【スマホ】iPhone(アプリ)版)
価格 基本プレイ無料
運営会社 Nathani Crichsen
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