Call Of Mission:Black Warriors Pro


A series of missions and a most incredible action game is ready to thrill you with an adventurous war. This time the war is not against enemies, but this time you have to fight against your commando who steal your super secret Intel and sold out to the enemies. Now your call for mission and duty is to eliminate all these agents from your army and then fight to enemies to get back your secret data.
Let’s hold your sniper and get ready for every mission. Your first mission is to reach the extraction point and clear the back of building by shooting the entire enemy commando. Now, take your step towards the building and shoot all the enemies. Be careful while shooting them, your enemies have shotgun. A single misshape can lead you to death so be attentive for survive of your life. After eliminating all the commando reach to the office and find your stolen documents. Now get back all the data to the extraction point where your army already awaiting.
Dangerous series of deadly missions.
Destructive weapons and shotguns.
Real action and thrilling war.
Be careful at every step.
Thrilling combat missions.
FPS action game.
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リリース日 不明 (【スマホ】iPhone(アプリ)版)
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