Lines of Fire 2: Tactical WW2 Board Game


Play a quick 10-15 minutes battle on your iPad or iPhone in a classic boardgame style!

Lines of Fire 2 is the sequel to original „Lines of Fire: The Boardgame” offering improved rules, streamlined gameplay and new content.

The game reflects tactical WW2 combat in Western, Eastern and African Fronts. The typical scenario-based approach has been replaced by a RTS-style gameplay: players begin the battle on an empty map and race to take control over the strategic locations. Their main concern is to outsmart the opponent in finding an effective balance between spending resources on maneuvering the forces in play or bringing new units into battle.

Lines of Fire 2 is build on simple, accessible ruleset, which provides a thematic feel to the firefights. An innovative Fog of War option utilizes tablets features to enrich the board game experience.

The game offers wide variety of units, missions, special actions and challenges, which modify the basic rules and ensure that each battle turns into a new and fresh experience.

- Universal app for iPad and iPhone
- 100 missions, 3 armies, special actions and challenges
- No in-app purchases - buy once and enjoy with no limits
- Play as Americans, Soviets or Germans
- 21 unit types including unique units in each of 3 armies
- 100 beautiful, unique, medium and large-size maps depicting WW2 summer, winter and desert battlefields
- Play against a human or AI opponent
- Innovative Fog-of-War option
- In-game tutorial, hints and tips
- iCloud sync of your progress
- Game Center leaderboards support
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運営会社 Robert Artajew
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