Halloween: Haunted Trick or Treat


Feel the fear - Haloween is here! It's time for costume parties, jack-o'-lanterns and bonfires! But this time we won't go trick or treating but shoot and treating. Pick the scariest skin you can find and shoot your way to the best costume award!

Everybody is out on the All Hallows Evening and you have no idea who is who. With the scary pumpkins infront of the houses, every street looks spooky and dangeorus. And maybe it really is.

Halloween: Haunted Trick or Treat is a first person shooter perfect for this holliday. Choose one of the scary costumes and join the multiplayer party where not just candles in the pumpkins and bonfires are on fire. With your favorite weapon you can fight your way to the top of the scores and get the best rankings as a the most dangerous costume!

You can choose from three different types of gameplay.
One of them is the single player Training, where you are constantly attacked by your enemies. Try to survive for as long as you can and get the achievement and climb the rankings.

In the Multiplayer mode you can choose from two gameplays, Deathmatch where every man is for himself and Team match, where you can get you clan together again and prove to your enemies that you are not a joke.

Collect as much gold as you can and upgrade your weapon so that you are even stronger agains other players.
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