Hammer CS Premium: Gunfight In City


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This is an amazing 3rd person counter strike like shooter, Fight enemy bots in survival modes.

Use many different weapons which unlock as you advance in the game including a rocket launcher, shotgun, and a variety of automatic weapons. View your enemies on the map and take cover when you take too much damage.

The game is suits all iPhone, iPad and works perfectly on iOS 9.2, 9.3. Great controls that give you plenty of maneuvering options, great exciting maps and 30 missions, an enemy radar and plenty of fun!


Mission1: Out For Justice: Kill 100 bad guys
Mission2: Death From Above: Destroy 10 black vans
Mission3: The Only Way Is Up: Destroy 6 gun turrets
Mission4: Underground: Kill 5 juggernauts
Mission5: Urban Warfare: Destroy 5 tanks
Mission6: Parking Garage Mayhem: Kill 150 bad guys
Mission7: Path Of The Mammoth: Destroy the mammoth tank
Mission8: Target Practice: Destroy 10 orange barrels
Mission9: Streets On Fire: Kill 100 bad guys
Mission10: Rocket Girl: Kill Katie!
Mission11: Swat Filled Streets: Kill 50 swat guys
Mission12: The Race: Destroy 50 crates
Mission13: Driving School: Wreck 50 vehicles
Mission14: Blue Streak: Destroy 15 police cars
Mission15: Rooftop Rage: Destroy 2 attack helicopters
Mission16: Infiltration: Destroy 15 army trucks
Mission17: Roof Top Emergency: Destroy 6 emergency exits
Mission18: Back Alley Killer: Kill 100 bad guys
Mission19: Red Barrel Mayhem: Destroy 35 red barrels
Mission20: Armored Assault: Kill the Colonel
Mission21: The Hunter: Destroy 10 tanks
Mission22: Travelling In Style: Destroy the limousine
Mission23: Metal Swarm: Destroy 10 helicopters
Mission24: Predator: Destroy 15 swat trucks
Mission25: Bombs Away: Destroy 3 jet fighters
Mission26: Coming Through: Destroy 10 buildings
Mission27: Taxi Terror: Destroy 25 yellow cabs
Mission28: Under Siege: Kill 100 soldiers
Mission29: Streets On Fire 2: Destroy 15 black vans
Mission30: The End: Kill the Big Boss
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リリース日 不明 (【スマホ】iPhone(アプリ)版)
価格 基本プレイ無料
運営会社 Kien Bui
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