TRUCK SIM 2016: Euro Lorry Route Simulator


Travel in world as truck driver, a trucker who delivers important cargo across between countries and cities! Dozens of city areas to explore and many more. Deliver goods with speed and care. Transport cargo more countries. Build your own company and increase your revenue. A great Truck Simulator 2016 is now available.

Truck simulator includes various jobs, trucks and lots of fun.
• Realistic interior that gives you the feeling of driving a real truck.

• Unlimited jobs! That's right, there is always something new that needs to be transported.

• Interior, exterior and rear cameras provide the best view possible for difficult maneuvers.

• Attachable trailers. In case you just want to race around, don't let the cargo stop you!

• Superb truck physics combined with the interior camera provides the ultimate trucking experience.
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運営会社 Phillip Newman
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