Fairy Tale Makeover - No Ads


Princess Clara is getting ready for the ball tonight and needs your help! Team up with her Fairy Godmothers to do her makeup, hair, and nails, then help her pick out the perfect outfit to finish off the look! With your help, Clara will be the star of the ball! And who knows, she may even meet a charming young prince!


Clean Clara's face and remove pimples with a touch of magic, then create a fabulous makeup look! Make a gorgeous pair of matching earrings top top it off!

Clip and file Clara's nails, then paint them with a a shimmering red coat and cute nail designs! Make a sparkling ring to top it off!

Wash and dry Clara's hair, then comb and style it into a fantastic new look! Make an elegant necklace to top it off!

Dress Up
There are so many outfits to choose from! Clara needs your help picking out the best one for the ball! Top it off with the perfect crown!
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