Wild Animal Racing Challenge 3D Full


Feel the burning adrenaline like a fever inside your body – join the animal racing derby, and become the fastest animal on this stadium ever!
Emerge into the crazy world of animal derby racing! It’s not like a horse racing (named derby) – here you should choose one of the unusual mounts - not ordinary horses – to participate in the ride! Choose one of these animals, win the ride and collect all achievements and medals with Wild Animal Racing Challenge 3D!
Become a winner of this unusual racing tournament! Choose one of the unusual mounts – bear, goat, lion, rhino and others – and do your best to win the prize and become the champion! Choose the animal that would run fast, jump over obstacles, and enjoy the racing tournament – even if your choice was the polar bear or wild bull!
Try your skills at two racing disciplines – enduring ride and jumping race! Train your mount do improve their skills and participate racing tournament to test them in real conditions. Avoid failings but don’t be disappointed by your mistakes – just try again, and you’d surely succeed!
Earn money to buy new racing animals or to raise up its characteristics! Choose the best mount between herbivores or predators and enjoy such unusual running contest with Wild Animal Racing Challenge 3D!
Wild Animal Racing Challenge 3D features:
Different racing animals – rhino, polar beat, goat, wild goat and other
Realistic running treks
Two game modes
Simple and intuitive controls
Do your best an as a racing animal manager with our Wild Animal Racing Challenge 3D!
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