Emergency Fire Helicopter Simulator 3D Full


Get an unusual flight experience with Emergency Fire Helicopter Simulator 3D! Be a pilot of a firefighter helicopter – seek for fires and shut it down with tons of water! Fly over the towns, fields, and woods and be the best emergency pilot ever!

Take a sit in the cockpit of the firefight helicopter and complete all the missions! Follow the hint arrow to fly to the next mark, avoid crashes and try to fulfill as many tasks as you can to earn more points!

If you like flight simulators and especially helicopter pilot simulators, then you would like this app! Be a trained helicopter pilot assigned to the main fire station and get ready to set on a firefight mission operating the special aircraft for the sake of peaceful citizens.

Provide aerial support with your ‘copter, stop the ignition and save the day! Raise up your pilot skills and extinguish as many fires as you can with Emergency Fire Helicopter Simulator 3D!

Emergency Fire Helicopter Simulator 3D features:
• Various interesting and difficult missions
• Wide range of upgrades to your emergency helicopter
• Picturesque views of big cities, fields and forests
• Realistic physics
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