5 Nights in the Devil's hotel - Escape Room Game


WARNING: If you get scared easily this game is not for you.

Great new indie horror game ! Scary as slender.. but not another slender-like!

First person perspective indie horror game. If you like Slender, Eyes, 5 Nights at Freddy's, Amnesia, and Zombie games you'll like this too.

A cool storyline that will make your skin crawl and make your bones shake as you play through.

You wake up in an abandoned hotel and, fight for your soul and try to escape this house of horrors!

Can you beat them all, and survive through the thrills, terrors and horrors?
Find out by downloading Devil's Hotel today!

Music by Kevin Macleod
ジャンル アドベンチャー /
リリース日 不明 (【スマホ】iPhone(アプリ)版)
価格 基本プレイ無料
運営会社 Henry Sorren
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