Pixel Painters : Arena Mini Game with Multiplayer


Original 1# MC PIXEL PLAINTERS : Mini Game with Multiplayer is finally available on mobile!

A new Arcade Game is now live on the AppStore! Pixel Painters!

Paint a masterpiece based on a theme! Use a variety of tools to make the most creative picture! Win the vote of other players to claim victory!

• The game is quite simple and easy to play. You can think of it as a little like Build Battle - but in 2D instead with paintings.
• You get given a theme and you have only a few minutes to paint a masterpiece based on this theme!
• After everyone has done their drawings, there is a voting Tournament - simply click a painting to give your vote to that painting. The painting with the most votes goes through to the next round!​
• There are 9 different tools which you can use, as well smart undo/redo functions, be sure to try them all - a winning painting will use a variety! You can even set a different brush radius size!
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