Hidden Object Ghost of Library Mystic Book


Many libraries have more secrets than books, but this library differs from others because it has an ancient mystical book that animates its author every hundred year. The author had cast the spell himself, in order to live forever, not knowing that he will come back to this world in the form of a ghost. Since then, he has been looking for a replacement. He should be stop, until the ghost has brought some terrible misfortune! Hurry and start looking for the secret thing that will help you defeat it!

* High quality graphics
* Beautiful surroundings and realistic environment that will make you feel you are really on a desert island while you search objects.
* More than 50 levels to challenge your item searching ability.
* Sharpen your search hidden objects skill and persistence with our mini games.
* Hints to help you find the objects.
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リリース日 不明 (【スマホ】iPhone(アプリ)版)
価格 基本プレイ無料
運営会社 Tudorel Irimia
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