Machine Simulator Extreme 2016: Construction Excavator Digger Driver


▶ Machine Simulator Extreme 2016: Construction Excavator Digger Driver, now for Mobile! ▶

Have you ever thought to drive a heavy excavator crane for construction work?
Not easy to handle, but fun to play heavy excavator crane sim 3d.

Are you a pro heavy transport vehicle driver? A new concept in the construction and heavy crane driving games where you excavate sand, transport construction material through heavy trucks and more.

You get to handle the heavy excavator manually using the steering and other controllers.

Drive on the rough terrain and move towards the sand on the construction site in this real construction driving simulator game.
Complete the excavation challenges when you get behind steering wheel of the heavy transport vehicles.

▶ Drive 3 Realistic Machines! Hard but Fun to Master!
▶ Brand new ‘Truck Pit stop’ tech – with many stops per level to pick up and drop of your load and dirt.
▶ 100% Free-to-play Career Mode
▶ Customisable control methods (tilt, buttons, wheel)
▶ Multiple views (including Drivers Eye view with real-time mirrors*)
▶ Easy modes available (with separate leader boards) as optional in-app purchases for an easier ride!
▶ iOS Optimisation: runs perfectly on anything from the original iPad 1, iPhone 4 and 4th Gen iPod Touch to the latest 5th Generation widescreen devices.

(* Mirrors are featured on iPad 2 / iPhone 4S and newer devices)
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