Pixel Strike: Online Weapon Gun Block Shooter & Chat


Pixel Strike: Online Weapon Gun Block Shooter & Chat brings together the fusion of mine blocks and pixel guns, to create the most ultimate, popular action packed experience on your device.

"The most popular mod for Minecraft! …Counter Strike meets Minecraft" Experience the best of both worlds with identical block themed levels like in the original game. • Dust • Dust2 • Nuke • Estate •

Now with ONLINE elements for players to enjoy with friends and others. Connect now and get playing! Online Chat Play!
Multi-Chat Play and more future features and updates coming soon.

In survival mode you are confronted face to face with swarms of terrorists ambushing you from all sides. Fight off the attacking terrorists with your arsenal of weapons. Advance from level to level by killing off all the rebels and preserving your life.

Experience a multilevel environments and terrains from; • Dust • Dust2 • Nuke • Estate . Aim for the terrorists head with the equipped AK47 assault riffle to kill them quicker and avoid damage.

Enter buildings around the level to hide from terrorists and experience a more strategic play element. Collect items to aim you with your battle.

• High detailed levels with amazing performance on all devices including earlier models
• Enter buildings to protect yourself against terrorist wave attacks
• Collect perks along the way to enhance weapons and life
• Enhanced pixel shooter and gameplay
• Amazing weapons and features within Pixel Strike: Online Weapon Gun Block Shooter & Chat
• Unique maps of various sizes and themes

• Pixel Strike is now a universal app playable on both the iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad devices
• Added new Chat System to allow players to chat with one another within the app
• Online local LAN & Worldwide server support for chat
• General performance & bug fix for levels not loading on earlier devices
• Radar to detect terrorists

• Improvements to controls
• Gyroscope control improved accuracy
• Accelerometer control decensored to avoid sharp movements
• AiM Sights (new in 1.2)
• Variable speed of walk
• Fire / reload / switch weapon

We are currently in the testing phase of update 1.1 which will bring LAN and Worldwide Multiplayer to Pixel Strike. A more advanced refined gameplay. We will be adding more levels where players will be able to continue to play in single player or challenge friends to free for all death matches over the internet. We aim to bring Multiplayer play for up to 10 players in one host terrain.

Thank you for all the emails, comments and reports. We appreciate all your guidance and strive to make Pixel Survival the best for all players. Stay tuned for more cool features and enhancements in future updates.


Pixel Strike & Optimus IRB are in no way affiliated with Mojang. Pixel Strike is not associated or connected with Majong AB. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensees.
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