Mazecraft - Block Survival Free Edition


Minecraft + Maze Runner = Mazecraft

You just woke up at uknown location surronded by high walls.
You hear the sound and walls move. You are in The Maze.

You don’t know how you got here and your goal is to find the exit out of this strange place. No one is ever done that before.


Your goal is to get out of the labyrinth in the shortest possible time


•Giant maze
•Deadly traps
•7 different Dynamic traps
•6 different Static Traps
•Monsters : Spider, Yeti, Zombie and monster of surprise
•Day and night cycles
•Horror sound themes
•All kind of weapons

The Maze is so giant that you will need so much time to discover every corner of it. It is full of monsters and deadly traps. Every part of maze has its own unique traps and surroundings.
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