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Castle Craft Build Sandbox Pocket Edition is free sandbox game designed for specific to create world and build castle medievel in the voxel world, support multiplayers with bluetooth and have a tons of free servers that you can join.Castle Craft Build Sandbox PE is sandbox game pocket edition depends your processor and high memory what you use, if you facing the lag it is because your device ability how to rendering or generating a map in voxel world.--------------------------------------------
Q & A :Q : I am facing a black screen on opening game when i am create new world or respawn
A : See video for detail
* tap through the wall button until the status is noclip enabled.
* tap fly mode button until the status is free move enabled.
* see your steel pickaxe, if your pickaxe steel color is black, that mean your character is burried under the world, just press up button until your pickaxe turn to not a black color, it is depends how deep your character is burried.

Open Source LGPL : source:drive{dot}google{dot}com/file/d/0b70mvoho7wtsazfft1g5c3zpqk0/view?usp=sharing
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