An Offroad Heroes Gold: Action Destruction Rally Racing 3D


Off-road means challenge. Rally means sport. Off-road rally means a lot of fun. Off-road rally is a type of racing, where the cars are not very fine tuned, but they are prepared for rough terrains. In a virtual world those off road cars even can use weapons and power-ups to get over the competition.

Off-road Heroes are the nameless car drivers of the most bizarre of the vehicles. They are futuristic, diverse, interesting and not common at all. They like to race. They live racing! Destruction, flying rockets doesn't bother them, their teams must protect them in all costs.

All the settings are futuristic, except the roads. They are of the past. Dirty, avid, old, dusty roads where everything can happen. No weapon or rocket can defend you against the terrain. Against the BAD terrain. All “wanna-be” race drivers will really enjoy this release driving totally bizarre car creations, racing in full 3D with a unique off-road rally.

Vehicles behave dynamically - with your tokens you can get a new and more powerful vehicle and you'll see and feel the difference!

This game is intended equally to adults and kids, beginners and professionals, enthusiasts and amateurs. The Best futuristic action Racing game is here, and only waits for you to enter to the cockpit. Your good old race-track from the past is around farms, out, in the wild, so the only thing you must do is pedal to the metal baby!

- Off-road racing with Futuristic vehicles off-road.
- Addictive racing action with a lot of powerups, moving objects and tricky obstacles.
- Realistic 3D graphics and playful physical simulation.
- A lot of totally different playfields from peaceful farms to snowy canyons and lava-covered high mountains.
- Many different unique and interesting vehicles from tractor-like ones to inspect inspired racers and traditional roadsters.
- Lots of powerups: Speed ups, Rockets, Repairs, Shields, Mines…
- Different control methods selected by the player.
- vehicles and surroundings can be destroyed
- A real, freely accessible world full of life
- Different day-times and weather conditions
- No inapp purchase, you can get all the upgrades in the free Offroad Mode.
ジャンル シミュレーション /
リリース日 不明 (【スマホ】iPhone(アプリ)版)
価格 基本プレイ無料
運営会社 Pocket Scientists
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