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14 ancient strategy and puzzle boardgames from around the world. Play against the computer or with a friend.
No ads. No in-app purchases. No up-selling. No popups. Just enjoy the games.

Strategy Hunt Games
Fox & Hounds
A pack of dogs try to trap a fox before it reaches the other side.
Also known as Pig and the Fence, Wolf & Sheep, Hounds & Hare, and Devil & Tailors.

Fox & Geese
13 geese try to trap 1 fox.
Based on the ancient Scandinavian game of Halataf.

Tigers & Goats
An ambush of tigers tries to eat a herd of goats without gettting trapped.
Also known as Bagh-Chal in Nepal.

Wolf & Goats
A herd of goats try to trap a wolf before it reaches the other side.
Also known as Cat and Dogs.

Cows & Leopards
A herd of cows tries to trap two leopards before they are eaten.
Originating in southeast Asia, primarily India and Sri Lanka. Also known as Hasu Chirate Ata, Diviyalliya, Diviyan Keliya, Juego de los Leopardos, Kotiyo saha Harak, Kühe und Leoparden, Kungser, Leoparden und Rinder, Lhasa, Mucche e leopardi, and Vacas y Leopardos.

2 Foxes & 20 Geese
20 geese try to occupy the home base of 2 foxes.
Based on the ancient Scandinavian game of Halataf.

3-in-a-row Games
Tic Tac Toe
Place pieces on the board until someone gets 3-in-a-row.
Also known as Noughts and Crosses.

Tant Fant
Move 3 pieces to get 3-in-a-row, excluding the starting row.
Originating from Indian. Similar to the modern version of the Egyptian game of Seega.

Move 3 pieces to get 3-in-a-row, using the center spot.
Originating from the Tiriki people of Kenya.

Three Mens Morris
Place 3 pieces, then move to get 3-in-a-row, no diagonals.
Origination from Egypt, but also played throughout the Roman Empire and in Europe in the Middle Ages; may also be known known as Luk tsut K'i in ancient China.

Place 3 pieces, then move to get 3-in-a-row, long diagonals.
Originating from the Philippines.

Place 3 pieces, then move to get 3-in-a-row, all diagonals.
Originating with the Zuni pueblo nation in New Mexico.

Nine Holes
Place 3 pieces, then jump anywhere to get 3-in-a-row.
Originating from England.

Place 4 pieces, then move to get 3-in-a-row.
Originating from Ghana.

General Features
In single-player mode, you play against the computer. Each game has five difficulty levels. You can either lock the difficulty to a specific setting or let the app automatically adjust the level to match your ability. Good luck beating level 5.

In two-player mode, you and a friend play on the same device. Take turns and play fair.

You can disable the sound effects if you'd prefer to listen to music in the background.

Some of the artwork has been provided by my nieces and nephews -- thanks Muriel, Joey, and Eddie.
Some playing pieces were created on my iPad with Inspire Pro.
Most of other playing pieces were sourced from ImageZoo.
The small button images were created with Pixelmator.
The board background images are photos of interesting textures around my house, taken with my iPhone and cleaned up with Pixelmator.
The sound effects were created with GarageBand.
Wikipedia was one of the main sources for rules information, but numerous other websites also contributed. Too many to list here.
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