Police Car Games Racing Real Escape Race


The race is on! As a law enforcement officer you’ll be required to chase the bad guys through some awesome locations. Interstate highway, extra busy bridge, an underground tunnel and a medieval town. Get ready to squeeze through tight passages and impossible passes by. To catch the villains faster, you can choose a sturdy pick-up, regular patrol car, extra strong 4X4 or an insanely fast Lambo. All cars are different when it comes to handling, speed and difficulty, so pick one wisely and make sure that the right side of the law wins. If the heat becomes too much, let some steam off with a high calibre machine gun!
Collect bonuses, additional ammo and coins to buy more upgrades and become the fastest cop in the world.

Game features:

Great selection of cars
Advanced and intuitive controls
Retina ready graphics
Addictive gameplay
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