Chess Master | Game for iPad


Challenge the greatest AIs. Professional-grade Chess game for iPad. Play chess anywhere with this beautifully crafted multiplayer and single player chess game.

◘ Play against a full range of realistic opponent strengths and playing styles
◘ Save and load PGN files
◘ Learn chess with computer hints
◘ Many human-level ai difficulties
◘ 7 designer Piece Sets
◘ 8 Board Designs
◘ Customizable piece positions
◘ Save Games
◘ Show Moves History
◘ Adjust Difficulty by changing the engine's strength
◘ Easily Flip the game to play against yourself

The single player difficulties are based on an adjustable tournament computer artificial intelligence, the HIARCS;

World's strongest human chess player, Garry Kasparov, said "HIARCS is much better positionally than Deep Blue"

World chess champion Vishy Anand, when asked what chess program he uses to analyse games: "generally I use HIARCS".
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運営会社 Maxime Comtois
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