Origami Block - 3D Modelling and Paper Craft game


Create your very own 3D characters or objects by assembling 3D blocks.
After that, print unfolded pattern of your 3D models using a4 paper.
Make hand-crafted object by following the cutting and folding lines on the unfolded pattern!
You can also share your model in our online gallery to show them off to the world!

You miss goodies from your favourite anime/cartoon/game character? Are you bored with square headed characters from every crafting games? Your creativity can't bare random physics?

Craft your own avatars, objects, characters or models with our APP.
Endless possibilities here!

- Modeling tools. It's a true character editor software on your iPhone or iPad!
- Make model using paper craft.
- Save model.
- Share your creations with the entire world via the online gallery
- Download and modify users creations your way.
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