MiniMath Pro - Kids learn the basics of mathematics


MiniMath it's a premium iPhone and iPad application for kids aged between 4-8. It comes with 9 mini games that will teach the kids the following:
- recognise the numbers;
- counting;
- addition;
- subtraction;

Kids want to have fun, and this app transforms the learning process into a enjoyable experience. The 9 mini games included come each one with a different gameplay, so kids will never get bored. This app was designed to be easy to use and fully interactive to capture the kid's interest.

The games adapt to kids knowledge and automatically change the difficulty level. Nice illustration of your children's progress for each game.

Privacy and Protection.
To protect your children's privacy, this app:
- does not contain in app purchases;
- has no external links;
- does not collect any data;
- has no ads.

We know that the best way for kids is learning through games.
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