Freddy - Horror Survival Block Shooter MiniGame


Mike has got the job at Freddy’s Pizzeria as the night watchman security guard. It’s not the store he needs to protect, it’s himself.
Run from Freddy, Bon, Chi and Foy! The malfunctioning animatronics who want to kill you. They get a little quirky at night.
Every time you kill one it will drop a Child Soul which can be used to craft the security uniform (Hat, Uniform, Pants & Boots).

• Evil Doll Creatures
• Based on the Game
• Weapons to use and defend yourself against Freddy and crew
• Craft the security uniform (Hat, Uniform, Pants & Boots)
• Change camera views for best fear visual trip
• Optimized for iOS devices to enhance best graphics

Our game is Not associated or connected with Mojang AB and it's game Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is Not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.
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運営会社 Imagine Ink
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