Block Party : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer


The funny game "Block Party" finally be available on the app store now! Developed and published by FingerLegend, the developer of game "Hide N Seek" and "The Survival Games".

When the game started, a dance floor will shown in the center of the map. The dance floor is consisted by colorful carpet. After some time, the system will choose a color, you must run to the correct color of carpet. The other carpet will disappear. And then another new dance floor is created.
The goal of the game is to be the last player standing on the dance floor. Might all remaining players be eliminated, the last person that touched the dance floor is being picked as winner. You will get 1 score point when you passed each round. With the score points increasing, your head title will be changed.

- Support servers in United States, Europe, Australian, Japan and Asia.
- Support worldwide multiplayer, up to 24 players can play together
- Support 3 types of cameras: First person, third person, third person from the front
- Support many types of texture packs
- Well designed game logic. The game can still run even if the owner of the game has left the game
- Provides more than 150 well designed dance floors. Each dance floor can change their colors in each round. So you can hardly play the same map
- Good game performance
- Great graphics, you can see the screenshots here. They are all captured in the game
- Support uploading your favorite skins to be used in the game
- Support jumping, dashing, sneaking animations
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