Dinosaur Quiz - 恐竜クイズ: 学び、見つけるし、恐竜ゲームを推測します。


You want to test and improve your dinosaur knowledge? Then take a look at our great dinosaur quiz! In three game modes you can demonstrate, polish and learn completly new things about dinosaurs: "Guess the Dinosaur," "All about Dinosaurs" and "Dino all inclusive".

Guess the Dinosaur: In "Guess the Dinosaur" you can guess, what dinosaur is shown on the picture. Is it a Tyrannosaurus Rex or an Allosaurus? Isn’t that Triceratops on the image there? And that should be a Stegosaurus. Guess Dinos which you never saw or heard of!

All about Dinosaurs: In this game mode you have endless questions about the time of the dinosaurs. How long have the dinosaurs dominated the earth? Which of the dinosaurs is a carnivore? Which dinosaur was thought to have two brains? Which dinosaur was the longest? Which the fastest? What did the ears of dinosaurs look like? Was the Kronosaurus a dinosaur or something else? Expect these and many more questions in this exciting app!

In “Dino all inclusive”: You want to guess dinosaurs and answer questions about prehistoric times? No problem, just start "Dino all inclusive" and travel back in time!

The great Dinosaur Quiz offers a lot of facts and fun for all ages as well as great graphics and pictures! We wish you lots of fun!
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Dinosaur Quiz - 恐竜クイズ: 学び、見つけるし、恐竜ゲームを推測します。の記事

Dinosaur Quiz - 恐竜クイズ: 学び、見つけるし、恐竜ゲームを推測します。の記事はありません