The Survival Games 2 : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer


The 2nd version of "The Survival Games" comes to App Store now! With large enhancement. Supports shooting arrows by bow. Developed and published by FingerLegend, the author of Hide N Seek, TNT Run Games mini games.

Survival games is a really famous mini game. Up to 24 players are spawned with nothing on a large map, with one goal: to find the chest, find the weapons and armors. Then kill others. You can use the materials to craft your weapons and armors. This game supports shooting arrows using bows. Each type of food has its own properties, such as increasing attacking power, increasing armor defense and so on. Remember, only the last alive player can win the game.

Game Feature:
- Support servers in United States, Europe, Australian, Japan and Asia.
- Support worldwide multiplayer. Up to 24 players can player together in one room. Of cause, you can chat in the game.
- Support flying mode. If you are killed during the game, or joined the room during the game, you will enter flying mode.
- Have safe time to protect you. The room owner can set the length of the safe time.
- Support large maps. The engine is power enough to load and render the whole world.
- Support armors, bows, arrows, foods with properties.
- You can craft weapons, armors and so on.
- Can drop items to the ground, and pick up items from ground. So you can give weapons or armors to your friends.
- Great graphics, you can see the screenshots here. They are all captured in the game.
- Support uploading your favorite skins to be used in the game.
- Support jumping, dashing, sneaking animations.
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