Simionic Simulator for Garmin G1000 (MFD)


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This is an app which simulates the Multi Function Display(MFD) of the Garmin G1000 used on Cessna 182T. Most of the functionalities are implemented just as they are in the real life. It can be used by aviation enthusiasts as well as pilots to perform either an IFR training or just to familiarize the operations of G1000 MFD. This app is capable to connect to another app which simulates the G1000 PFD via bluetooth through which you can have a whole set of G1000 and make them work with FSX/X-Plane to get the best experience.

G1000 is a highly integrated system, it is very powerful and also very complicated. It is recommended that you have a real G1000 user guide from Garmin.

1. This app emulates G1000 MFD functionalities only. It does not include PFD functionalities. To obtain PFD functionalities, download the PFD app from AppStore which can co-operate with this app(MFD) via bluetooth connection.
Download address of PFD app:
2. This app is for practice only. The navigation database included in this app may be outdated and very possible to be different from what it is in real life.
3. Due to huge memory consumption, it's highly recommended that you install this app on an iPad which has at least 1G memory on board. Thus, install this app on iPad 1, iPad 2 or iPad mini is not recommended. Running this app on iPad Air will get you a best performance.

-Simionic and the seller are not affiliated with Garmin,
-The app is not provided, approved, endorsed, or otherwise supported by Garmin.

1. Global navigation database and topo data
2. Engine status simulation
3. Functional "Map Setup"
4. All pages except AUX pages are implemented
5. Terminal procedures are included
6. User waypoint creating/editing
7. Flight plans storing/editing
8. Checklists for Cessna 182T are included
9. PFD connection via bluetooth
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