My Little Garden : Music & Simon for Kids - By Play Toddlers (Full version for iPad)


My Little Garden is a beautiful game presented by PlayToddlers, which promote musical memory and learning of your children, while encouraging and entertaining them.

Daisy the flower will play a small musical sequence with its petals that children should repeat, once correct, will perform a new sequence to complete the song.

Carefully created to be safe for children, fun, educational and attractive. Pedagogic game approved by teachers, parents and children alike.

Have fun and learn by repeating the beautiful melodies of Daisy, the flower.

★ Features ★

- 28 beautiful melodies to play and repeat

- 5 different musical instruments

- Surprises and interactive details to stimulate and entertain in a cute graphical environment.

- A small reward at the end of each song, which will put a smile on the face of any child

- The iPad version features a 2048x1536 HD resolution for the new iPad and compatible with earlier devices. In the iPhone version will be 960x640 (Retina) and compatible with earlier.

★ What do the children learn? ★

The music will cheer up the children. Also the music has the quality to promote the learning of mathematics, brain developing, stimulating creativity and imagination.

The sequences that children should repeat (emulating games like "Simon") improves their memory and concentration. The kids will notice that relating the pattern to repeat, with musical notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B, will be easier to play and progress through the game.

Your little will be learning while having fun.

★ PlayToddlers Warranty ★

PlayToddlers Manifest: We value all feedback to help try and make our apps better. We take pride in the loyalty and trust of our customers who purchase a PlayToddlers game. If you have any question or concern about this game, or if you want to suggest a new game to play with your children, please email us right away at
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