twin line connect-link the same animal,noel,pet images


find all pairs of the same images so that the line adding two images is no more than 3 lines.
- The user-friendly interface
- Lovely images
- Amazing sounds
- 36 excite levels and more in the future

twin pikachu with theme of Animal, Christmas, classical, is a great experience because of moving effect and the difficult being increasing during playing time

With twin pikachu you must play smartly to pass all the 36 levels to be the winner of game.

Your feedback is very valuable for us, it helps us improving our product and update more cool features. So we will try to answer as much feedback as we can at our support page.

For more quick help and some instruction that let you can easy to play, please follow us at or email us at

twin jo is a type of pikachu classical game but it have been made by a new way to relax so that it's very interest and fun. join to play it to have a good relax time.
Enjoy now and get relax!!!!
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