Animals - Toddlers Vocabulary Audio Flash Cards


Baby Picture Book with animals that make real sound - for learning and having fun: Developed by psychologists and tested with babies and toddlers.

== Multilingual ==
You can choose English, Spanish or German voices (native speakers) and descriptions.

Learn the names of over 50 popular animals. Your toddler will love the tiger, the bear, the cow, the horse, the coala, the giraffe etc. etc.

== Toddlers proved ==
Toddlers proved and tested: The usability of the application is especially tested and optimized for the use by babies and toddlers. The little ones can instantly use the application itself.
They will understand how the game works even when this is their first iPhone app.

They intuitively learn the interaction with the iPhone or iPad. But most important - your toddler will have a lot of fun while playing around with the flash cards.

We recommend the usage by babies and toddlers between 8 month and 4 years.

The game is primary helpful to entertain your toddler. He/she will additionally learn basic vocabulary.

Goodies: Free samples of more Flash Card books included

We will upgrade the flash card book in the future. We are open to any improvement ideas you have.
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